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Once inside you’ll discover…

  • How to Break Free from the shackles keeping you from your full potential.
  • Three mistakes to avoid when you stretch yourself to pursue the life of your dreams. One of these WILL send you broke!
  • Why procrastination will keep you from success and how to overcome this hideous virus.
  • A little known technique for attracting positive people into your life and keep them there - forever.
  • How mentors will allow you to learn and implement at a blinding rate. We show you how to choose a mentor and what questions you should ask.
  • Why most self-help books don’t work and how to change you daily habits that are keeping you from success.

    ...and a whole LOT more!



"Hello Pete,

For as long as I can remember I have been looking for a life purpose. Something more than just goals and a to-do list.  This was until I found you and you inspired me with your DVD secret "How to find your life purpose in under 20 minutes".  By the way I did the 'secret' exercise you spoke about...  I did it while waiting for my washing to finish in a Laundromat in Noosa. 

You were right!  After about 20 minutes out came something which had tears rolling down my cheeks. 

I'm sending you this email to say 'Thank you!' for all your inspiration, support and helpful feedback over the last year or so.  Your secrets really work!  May your passion and vision skills continue to flourish."

Brendan Allen, Australia


Secrets to Personal and Self Development Success